That Lame Texts

I met this guy last February, he’s a friend of friend of mine. My friend introduce him to me. We talked, we laugh, so basically we hung out and then at the end of the night before we home together with my cousin he asked my cell number. Well, I felt comfortable with him even we just met so, gave it without hesitation. The same night he texted me. We became friends. A week after we met he asked me a date. We went on a date. He looked to enjoy our date, he talked a lot, have lots of stories about his family and friends, how he and my cousin became friends and so on. It was bearable date and I can say it was NICE (but not that good that I wanted to for another date.)

The following day, he start sending me some casual texts (hi and hello). It looks like he wants to commence a text conversation with me. At first I response to those messages, but days later I was like, I feel that was so lame that I don’t want to respond anymore.

I couldn’t even count the times I had thinking what he was trying to say. What does he mean? Does he mean hitting on me??(assuming lang ha ha). Does he want to hang out again? Maybe that was his way of getting my attention or he was just want to say something. I don’t know!!

If he want to ask something, just ask!! Don’t the text me such kind of message. Maybe I respond to your messages when we were just met but it won’t take too long ‘cause I know in myself I’m not a fan of texting.


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