Realizing You’re an adult now

When I was a kid, I thought being an adult is easy. Thinking that I can do anything I want. Go different places and have freedom, but I was wrong, until I get my job. I concluded being an adult is very challenging. Yes! I can do things and go different places now but you need to earn money first, you need to budget your monthly salary, you have to work work and work. It’s not easy as I imagining when I was a kid.


This are the things I can say being an adult is hard. This is based on my experience.

  • You have to budget

As I receive my monthly salary I always do my budget plan. You have to budget everything for the month (foods, rent, ect.). Believe me this task is not  easy as you though. Financial responsibility is something that can stress you every time you calculate your bills.

  • You have to work work work

To do the things that you want, Of course you have to work, earn and learn from your workplace. It’s a part of growing up to work and be responsible.

  • Pay your own rent

I moved from my brother house since I got my job and paid my rent every month. You are in your twenties now, whether you liked or not, You need to moved from your parents. You have to learn in your own, you are not kid anymore.

  • Save money

I believe this should be something that an adult can achieve. Save money for your future and security. I think saving a bit from your monthly salary can help you in the future and for emergency, just in case.


Being an adult is tough and you have to deal with it and take the responsibility. A twenty something like me being an adult is really hard but you can fight it ..You just have to organize, think, learn and work smart and wisely.


2 thoughts on “Realizing You’re an adult now

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