Few Reason Why You Should Smile

How many times do you smile in a day? Do you smile when you see your friends? When your with you colleagues or co-workers? A sweet and true smile in your face is a good to start the day. It can also lighten the day of your colleagues with just one simple and sincere smile to them.

Can lighten the day

Are you in a bad mood? Are you stressed about work? Or feeling down? Take a few second to take deep breath and smile! Smiling can help to reduce your anxiety even if you’re not feeling happy, free and easy yet. Just smile it eventually turn your entire day something smooth, light, manageable and simple as ABC day. Also it can lead to laughter.

Can make you look younger

There’s no doubt about that. Smiling can releases stress when you’re feeling out of sorts. It can stimulate specific facial muscles than can lead look younger about 3 years of average.

Can make better relationship

You moved to new place, new city, new apartment and you don’t know anyone yet? When you first meet your new neighbor try to give a genuine smile, it may lead to friendship. I proven this to myself when I was on my college days. Give it a shot! There’s nothing wrong anyway.

Can build attraction

Smiling can attract others. That’s a fact! Many researches has proven that wearing a smile can build attraction. Think of this, when we are talking selfies, when asking someone on a date, why do we always smile? Because with just one sweet smile it makes you more appealing, charming and captivating, right?

Can earn success

Smiling can help you land to your dream job. When you have job interview don’t just wear nice clothes, but also wear a beautiful and natural smile. Wearing a smile can present you that you are confident, approachable and self assured.  You can also calm from your fear and insecurities from other applicant.

In every situation, SMILE. it always makes you feel better and everything right.


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