Outside My Comfort Zone

When I was in my elementary day. I am shy type girl who’s not going outside the comfort zone. My daily routine was just go to school then go back home. When my birthdays came, I don’t want to celebrate it because I don’t have friends to invite. I told my mom “Just give me money so I can buy what I want”, my mom give me small amount of money and that it! My birthdays past just like that, no celebration made. So what does that life look like?? Well, it’s actually boring life. I don’t have best friends. Yes, I don’t. I have my cousins, classmates but I can’t call them as my best friends because I can’t tell really inside my mind.

I am the girl who’s not smiling often. My parents, relatives, teacher and others, says that I’m not a fan of smiling. wanna know why?? Whenever we bump I always look cranky kid and looks like a got all the problem in the world! (Well, that’s what they say). But then, if I have a smile in my face they are always joking this phases “Is this the end of the world?”, “Get an umbrella it will rain”. Every time I remembered those moments, I don’t know I am just smiling like an idiot just like now. haha.

Well, that was my younger year and I admit I am not cheerful and friendly back then, until I went to college. I remembered my first day I college,I don’t know anyone, I don’t have friends, but then I saw this one lady (She’s my classmate by the way) and I gave her a smile, she smile me back. TADAH!! I got my first new friend in my first day!! (Take note just one smile then we became friends). My college days start my life to live outside my comfort zone.

Two months after I graduate from college, I got my job from monday to friday. Nice right? I have 2 days to rest every week!! My first year working at the office was so amazing.I have co-workers that became friends and travel buddy – they are amazing!! They plan our weekend trip almost every month that I can’t resist every time they invite me. I can’t resist those photos they’re sending me from internet (haha). With them I became tanned-skin girl who love to explore. I learn to love the mountains and beaches. I never imagine myself climbing mountain with heavy backpack (that was my first climb), go camping and sleeping in a tent with a man – Well, he is one of my coworkers and travel buddy and I used to it.

Right now, I realized that I’m not that so so shy type girl anymore, I learn to live my life in real world and outside my comfort zone that sometimes I feel like I am a guy inside haha. I stop complaining why life is so hard, learn to deal with it and see the brighter side of the world. And you? What is your story going outside your comfort zone? Feel free to share! It nice to hear your story. 🙂


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