Thinking of Us

Here sitting in front of my computer, thinking to the person I love. I loved. Those moment the we shared. Writing down what inside my head “How we end up like this? Are you thinking of me? Am I still in denial?”. I still remember the last word you said to me. It’s like it was just yesterday when the truth is it’s over a year since we broke up.

I didn’t expect that time will passed so quickly. I am still wondering how we end up like this, we were happy, you know. We used to walk along the street while holding hands. You and me eating in that fast food chain. You and me watching movies. We hang out inside that cafe when it is raining. In the middle of the night we used to laughed in the dark that I couldn’t ask for anything better. Our memories was around the city. We were everywhere. Everything is reminding me of you, the way you talked, laughed and say my name I still remembering.

You forgot the words you whispered in my ears. I believed to all lies you told me, thinking I’m your only one that your heart and mind would stay. I know, people change their mind. Nothing last forever. Nothing is permanent in the world. Everything change in just a second. No matter what. I still believed you.

I know you’ve moved on and I should too. With everything that happen to us I learned and I promised to myself I should be a little smarter and my heart should be a little harder now. Yes, I will because if I won’t, I will be like this forever.


That’s it. I will end up here with smile in my  face.

SMILE = Sweet Memories In Lips Expression


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