Reasons to Work

I grew up in a small barangay in Pangasinan. We live in a simple house. When I was a child I was taught to do household chores. I learn how to cook, wash the dishes, do laundry and other stuffs. We taught how to be independent at the very young age. My parents are both farmers. Yes! I was raised on a farm. I see how they work in the field everyday. I see their sacrifices and hard works so we can eat three times a day and send us school. I see how hard life is. My mother always told us to be good at school (but I’ve never been good) and  find good and and stable job.

I stopped schooling for one year after I graduated at High School but my eldest brother send me to college. I studied for 3 years. Two months before I left college and entered into the world of work. I was given a chance to have office job. At first I was so happy that I have work that paid me at the end of the month and never too demanding job but after a year of working I feel bored. I feel awful. I feel so tired that I can’t do anything else at home. Once I asked myself, Why do I need find work? Why I need to work hard? Why I need to have stable job? That I hate my job.

However, I find some reasons to continue and motivate myself to stay. So here are some of my reasons.

  • It’s hard to find another job like this or better that my job today.
  • Having this job gives me opportunity to see and visit different places.
  • It gives me experience in real world.
  • I can pay my own bills.
  • I can buy the things I want without asking money to my parents.
  • I can give money to my parents.

Why do we need to work? Because in the world we need money. We need money to LIVE. Over the year I learned that maybe the reasons why I asked those questions because I am not YET ready in real world. I am 20 years old that time (BTW).

PS. Yes, maybe my job now is not what I WANTed but at least with this job gives me the things that I NEED.


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