Keep Going…..

My life is filled with problems, trials, failures and insecurities. Life is hard. It’s unpredictable what happen next. I looked into the mirror and asked myself, “What did I do wrong? Do I deserve those pain? those problems?”. I am struggling since I was a child. It feels like it will never gonna change. Not today, not tomorrow or even the coming more days. But, whatever this unfair and unsure world gives and offer to me, whatever trials I receive. I wouldn’t stop fighting because I know I’m not the only one. Everyone have problem, we all know that! I am not the only who have problem.

I feel so tired and overworked. The road is dark but don’t wanna be here forever, so I keep trying. I have to make things happen. I have dreams to pursuit. I have my family that give me courage. I have to do something because if I don’t, no one will.  I am still young and still learning. Sometimes it seems so hard to try things but I know at the end of this road there is light.

To those who are in trouble or whatever trials you are facing in life, “DON’T LOSE STRENGTH and HOPE!”. We can overcome this. This will not last forever. True life is hard and can’t take that away but we don’t have to lose our dream, our courage and keep trying.



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