Where are you?

To the man I am searching for,

All this time I was hoping you would come. Sometimes when I’m lonely I close my eyes and fall into my thoughts. Thinking about future, about you, about us. When will I ever meet you?  Or did I meet you already before? I fantasize you every night when I can’t sleep. I am dreaming that you were just right in my side hugging me with your arms. You know that feeling when you’re lonely and you wish that you have someone on your side. ugh! sometimes it frustrate me, why you’re not here yet?

You know what? I am dying… I’m dying to meet you. How I wish I will meet you anytime so soon. I can’t wait to know you. I’ve been looking for since I graduated in college. Yeah, you read it right. Since I graduated from school and that was two years ago. Well, my 20 years of years of existence in this planet, I wasn’t really looking for you because I not ready yet for a serious relationship. But, now that I am out from school and have my own money I can say that I am ready!! My time being me, single, going solo is over that’s why I am sooo much excited to meet you. So where are you now? Have you been looking for me to? I hope so 🙂

I am imagining things between us. We’re in a scene that we do some adventures together. If we have time, can we go to places that we’ve never been? Can you come with me? Because I do love places that I’ve never been. We’ll take a walk to the river or field? (Is that even romantic? but who cares haha). I will cook diner for you. Cuddling while were watching our favorite movies. Playing stupid games and throwing each other jokes, we laugh even if it is not funny at all, we laugh we were just happy. We talk like there’s no tomorrow. Singing together at your car even if I am not got at it and we don’t care if it rains all day. You put your arms around me in the middle of the night while we were watching stars and sharing our childhood experience, our dreams and some other stuff. We were love each other personality and accept everything. In some case, we were going to fight but we can make up by the end of the day. We will talk what was just happen and figure what really the problem is. We will communicate and compromise openly. We will be loyal and faithful as well as trust each other because we both know that love is not in a relationship. We couldn’t ask for anything better. right?

I don’t know who you are, where you are and where I find you. But I am praying with all my heart that you would come any moment soon because I can’t wait to love, hold your hands and embrace you so close and never say goodbye.

Your Someone Someday
Lale ❤


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