Being Hopeless Romantic

I visit my old posts, re-read it once again and I realized that it almost about love. Gosh, I am hopeless!

You may say I have a lot of experiences about love because almost everything I post was about falling in love, heart broken and break ups and YES! All the things that I wrote in this blog was based in my life experience but I am not expert in love. I have a lot to learn and to experience. In my 22 years living in this world, I can say that don’t really know the feeling to be broken hearted because I don’t really feel broken when my boyfriend broke up with me. Yeah I feel empty, lonely and asked myself why we broke up but my heart doesn’t feel anything. I don’t feel hurt at all. So I will ask you Is that what it feels when you get broken?

Because I don’t really know what it feels. After a week I felt that I’m okay and perfectly fine. I am not like other that cry for a month or a year. So I guessed that I was not really in love with them maybe it was just infatuation. I was young back then. No knowledge about love. I just want to have fun, experience things, to be in a relationship, to have so called boyfriend, to have someone who pick you up from school, to have someone who hold your hand while walking down the street, to have someone when friends are not around.

I am writing and posting things about love about my ex, my crush and about the person I just met. (I am hopeless romantic, I know!) I wrote what I want to say to them in the form of poem. I am doing this because I believe in love and love is just around us. I may not find yet my love but I know one day I will come soon.


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