I’ve never been written a blog about my problem lately, but now I feel that I need to write what I feel right now. I need to expressed what inside my mind.

The reason why I am writing this now is my brother (our oldest) and I talked and planned to send our second brother to college again (our parents send him to college once but he failed them by not attending his classes and he got someone pregnant which is my sister-in-law now), we agreed to share all the expenses. Then I asked my second brother if he still want to go college and continue his study, he said YES! Now the I have a problem/question in my mind.

  • My oldest brother has a family to sustain and his wife is somewhat complaining about our decision.
  • Does my brother can still manage to support his family when we send him to college? because we only agreed that we can support his school fees and allowance only.

This issue is bothering me since we decided to send my brother to school. I kind of understand why my sister-in-law’s complain because her reasons (which I can’t say it here) are acceptable (honestly it is completely acceptable) So now, I am in the middle of this problem.

Sometimes I asked myself if deserve everything that happens to me – whether it is good or not. I know, everyone’s been, at some point asking themselves this question. Everyone has issues they deal with and this happens to be one of mine.


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