For You

Today my sister’s day! Yehey!! Happy Happy birthday my dear sister. I know I am not good sisters as other. We fight, I do bad things, say bad words and I want to say sorry to all things that I’ve done. Your heart is always opened to me

You know what I’ve learned the day you totally moved out?? Well, things change I since you left me. (maybe when you’re reading this, you say “I moved because you pushed me away!”. I know and i don’t regret it because it taught me a lot. Taught me how to manage things, how to budget my salary. I manage to pay the bills alone.

For the first time we were different places, living different lives. But regardless of that, you still managed to respond to all my chat, text and phone calls. You remember the night you rush to my place because my allergy triggers and flu. I don’t know what to do that time. I’m alone. No one to asked. So I call you, crying, asking for help, looks like I’m going to die that way I talked to you haha. You always made yourself not busy because you knew I needed you. It’s been 10 months since you moved but you always there for me.

I want you to know that for more almost 3 years that we had together alone, I learned a lot from you. There were days where I watch you how you handled things and of course me (hehe). How you handle my rudeness and peevishness. Despite those, you’re still holding me. We’ve been through a lot. We laugh, we cry, we fight, we argue, we share and keep each other secrets. I those moments when I stole your clothes and lipsticks (haha) without your knowing you still managed to love me just the same and I owe you a lot.

I’ve never told you this before. I never told how thankful I am for you as my big sister.

Your forever little sister,


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