About Lale

Hello! My name is Lale. A 20 something office girl, thrill-seeker-adventurous-outdoorsy and traveler-wanna-be. I craves freedom, independence and excitement in life. I enjoys adventure and I will jump on any excuse to travel.I’ve been in-love with mountains, beaches, waterfalls and so on. I dared myself to step out my comfort zone, to lived my life, stand at the top of a cliff, climb mountains and do some adventurous staff like zip lining, rappelling and rock climbing because I know doing this kind of stuff makes me smile when I get my older year.

I am not writer. Not columnist or anything that related to writing, and yeah I am not even good at English language but what the heck I am doing here!? ha ha.

Initially I don’t plan to create this blog. But I think there’s nothing wrong and it’s free anyway. I don’t really know what’s going to happen in this blog.

This blog Strange Sanity is just a creation of my bored and stupid mind and this is all about my life experience and personal diary.. I will write here my thoughts, my feelings and whatever things that I want.


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