For You

Today my sister’s day! Yehey!! Happy Happy birthday my dear sister. I know I am not good sisters as other. We fight, I do bad things, say bad words and I want to say sorry to all things that I’ve done. Your heart is always opened to me

You know what I’ve learned the day you totally moved out?? Well, things change I since you left me. (maybe when you’re reading this, you say “I moved because you pushed me away!”. I know and i don’t regret it because it taught me a lot. Taught me how to manage things, how to budget my salary. I manage to pay the bills alone.
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Doing Nothing

Ah, how to start this? I was listening some random music and thinking about food (ice cream, pizza, fries and burger) a while ago. Thinking what am gonna do later after work. When my “cousin” just hit up to my mind. I think it’s weird. isn’t it?? Oh My God!! I just realize I miss my cousin!! I don’t know what to say. Really.

So I gonna end this now ’cause it’s almost time and I need to send my reports for today.

Listen here! 🙂

How have you been lately?

Random Things

Today as I sit here and doing nothing but surfing and reading articles. I decided to write some random facts about me.

At times I talked too fast that no one understand what I am saying.
I have two brothers and one sister.
I am the youngest in our family.
I love english language but grammar hate me.
I love reading personal, lifestyle and travel blogs.
No matter what you say about Taylor Swift, I don’t care. I just love her.
I don’t have twitter account.
I eat a lot. I mean a LOT!
Sometimes I hate my parents. pls don’t judge me.
I used to hate my first name.
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