I’ve never been written a blog about my problem lately, but now I feel that I need to write what I feel right now. I need to expressed what inside my mind. Continue reading


Being Hopeless Romantic

I visit my old posts, re-read it once again and I realized that it almost about love. Gosh, I am hopeless!

You may say I have a lot of experiences about love because almost everything I post was about falling in love, heart broken and break ups and YES! All the things that I wrote in this blog was based in my life experience but I am not expert in love. I have a lot to learn and to experience. In my 22 years living in this world, I can say that don’t really know the feeling to be broken hearted because I don’t really feel broken when my boyfriend broke up with me. Yeah I feel empty, lonely and asked myself why we broke up but my heart doesn’t feel anything. I don’t feel hurt at all. So I will ask you Is that what it feels when you get broken? Continue reading